Vedalam – women trafficking: The new buzz on roll

Ajith Kumar’s much awaited and the word ‘Await’ has crossed beyond the usual limits that fans cannot resist. Let us got to the point of what this story is all mounting upon. We have been constantly hearing lots of buzzes about the film’s plot of one connoting the lines of Baasha, the other one as a ghost tale and lots more.

One among such latest calls sprouting up is its irrelevant but quite an interesting one. It all claims that Ajith Kumar plays an ordinary cab driver, who is leading a peaceful life with his sister Lakshmi Menon, but somewhere things get complicated as he intervenes with the baddies who are involve in women trafficking and rest is a mystery about the real hidden avatar of ‘Vedalam’. Of course, the unit members of this film have a comment that it’s quite interesting, but nothing to do with the real plot.