Iruvar Ondranal – ‘Viral’ magic creates wonder

With the season studded with horror movies and some unconventional dark genres, it’s been a very long time that audiences had a soothing breeze in theatres with feel-good movie. Iruvar Ondranal that marks the maiden debut directorial of Anbu, a former assistant of AR Murugadoss had hit the screens along with Suriya’s massive Masss on May 29. With accordance to the heavy promotion of Suriya-Nayantara movie starrer, there were less hype for this film titled ‘Iruvar Ondranal’ that stars newcomers Prabhu and Krithika Malini in lead roles.

Nevertheless, during the second week, the word of mouth publicity has been generating the best buzz about the film. Surprisingly, the film that was expected to be just a point of attraction in multiplexes has garnered good response in single screens as well. Compared to the opening week, the scenarios seems to be getting better and best due to the audiences’ opinions shared on micro-blogging and social networking sites as well.