Jyotika-GV Prakash-Bala ‘Naachiyar’ first look revealed

Jyotika--’ first look revealed

That’s an exceedingly emerging surprise as we get to see a rare combination of actors spangled up for ’s upcoming film. Just before a week, it was a rounding up buzz and now it all becomes an affirmation that we get to witness with the first look.

Yup! The first look of ‘’ starring Jyotika and in lead roles is revealed now and we get to see an intense theme involved in the backdrops. One of the poster involves Jyotika encircling her fists and forearms with thorny fence chains and we do see some weapons placed on the table. The other poster features GV Prakash furiously looking at Jyotika, who is giving bath on her laps to a newborn baby.

It is evidently illustrious that it is an emotional movie based on relationships and revenge theme as it happens in most of the Bala movies. One more highlighting trait is about Ilayaraja composing music for this film