Kamal Haasan back to work on ‘Sabaash Naidu’

Kamal Haasan back to work on ‘Sabaash Naidu’. Ups and Downs are always the same for a successful actor as they would keep working on and on. It has been an incredible illustration with Kamal Haasan, where he has undergone unlimited injuries and fractures, but nothing hampered his progression as an actor. The actor had one such havoc recently when he had to face critical leg fractures. But one thing that all his fans and followers confident were that he would bounce back sooner.

Well, the day has arrived for Kamal Haasan himself shares the good news that he is back to work on the papers and shoot mode of his upcoming film ‘Sabaash Naidu’. The actor wrote on his micro-blogging page, ““Started paper work again on Kundu/ Naidu walking now ready to run show again mind is flying gaining altitude. Good enough a progression. (Sic)”