‘Maestro’ Ilayaraja released the Golden Jubilee book ‘Mullaicharam’

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‘Maestro’ released the Golden Jubilee book ‘Mullaicharam’

Each and Every word in a particular language will have a past tense, present tense and future tense. But only Tamil Language has the beauty of combining all the three tenses into a single word that is defined as ‘Vinaithogai’. Being one of the oldest languages in the world, Poet Ponnadiyar adds beauty to Tamil language by celebrating and releasing his Golden Jubilee book ‘Mullaicharam’ at Rani Seethai Mahal, Chennai on 14.10.16 (Friday). The grand event that was headed by R. Nallakannu – Senior Leader of Indian Communist Party has witnessed the presence of Chief guests ‘Maestro’ , ‘Ilakiya Chinnam’ Kumari Ananthan, ISRO – Bangalore – Director – Scientist Mayilsamy Annadurai, Chennai High Court – Justice N Kirubakaran and Ex – Vice Chancellor Porko.

The Golden Jubilee book ‘Mullaicharam’ was released by Maestro Ilayaraja. Followed that, Justice N Kirubakaran released the English version of ‘Kavinyar Ponnadiyar Kavidhaigal’, ISRO – Bangalore – Director – Scientist Mayilsamy Annadurai has released the book ‘Bharathidhasan Ulaga Perum Kavinyar’ and, ‘Ilakiya Chinnam’ Kumari Ananthan released the book ‘Ninaivalaigalil Paavendhar’. It is to be noted that the India’s green man Abdul Ghani along with 21 others were honored with special honorary awards in the golden jubilee of ‘Mullaicharam’.

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