“My family is still leading an ordinary life” – Chiyaan Vikram

“My family is still leading an ordinary life” – Chiyaan Vikram. There’s a beauty always imbibed to an actor. It’s not just their success on the screens, but sometimes we tend to appreciate even their failures, which were bounded to much more hard works failing in some other context. But what gets them closer to our hearts and minds is their simplicity.

In his recent interview, Chiyaan Vikram has mentioned in an interview saying that he has been keeping cinema and personal life on parallel lanes. Adding more Chiyaan Vikram says, “Even today, my wife goes to shopping by auto rickshaws and my children travel to places in public transportations. Moreover, I prefer and live a very ordinary lifestyle just cleaning cars, playing with dog, cleaning house during my leisure times.” The actor is gearing up for his forthcoming release ‘Iru Mugan’, which is tentatively scheduled on September 8 simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu.