The “Neruppuda” fire is spreading like wild fire and the fire gripped on the sets of “Rum” too.

“Rum” starring Hrishikesh of VIP fame with Anjathe Narain, Vivek, Sanchita Shetty, Miya, Amzath, Arjun Chidambaram is electrified by Rockstar Anirudh’s music. Rum is a highly expected heist-horror film Rum, far removed from the other horror thrillers and horror comedies ruling Tamil cinema now.

“The shooting of the film concluded on Thursday after continuous shoot for 60 nights…literally 60 nights.

The unit consisting of very young and energetic team were planning to celebrate the wrap up and Vivekh sir ever spontaneous with timing coined up the idea of watching the fiery “Kabali” teaser in a giant screen specially erected by the producer Vijayaraghavendra.

The “Neruppuda” effect caught up with Rum team and this had ignited our fuel of solid content. We have wrapped up the film in stipulated time and geared up for the post production works” declared Director Sai Bharath.