Netru Indru is a green journey

The film begins with an encounter of a noted terrorist who was hiding in the forest for many years. The Police Department chief says the operation is not yet over as an associate of the terrorist is still missing. He shows the missing terrorists photo and the encounter team is utterly shocked because the photo is that of a sincere police officer who has been sent to catch the terrorist. Police chief says that he has been sent for the purpose of catching the terrorist but he joined in the group and that was the reason for the death of a number of policeman went in search of the Terrorist.

Now a Special team of 5 persons is sent again into the forest to catch the police officer dead or alive, the team goes in search of the officer as a unit and they develop clash among each other in an issue and want to kill each other secretly. In the meantime a single member of the team happens to meet the wanted officer, but the officer has a story to tell which proves his genuinity. The guy now wants to tell the truth to the other members of the team and the department. But an unexpected twist happens which forms the climax.

Director talks about his Journey – “A green journey in my life amidst rocks and ravines, isolated forests with no human approach. We were in dense jungle fearing for anything that moves and we managed to conduct shooting ’Netru Indru’ an extravaganza of natural bounty, yes it is nature’s bounty”

Movie stars in the lead roles. Music is composed by Rehhan. It has been recently cleared the censor formalities and the production house is eyeing for it’s release by June 2014.