Nikesha Patel to join hands with Srikanth

London actress Nikesha Patel will be sharing the screen with Srikanth now. Nikesha Patel paired with Gautham Karthik in a film titled Ennamo Edho. After this she paired with J J TV Bhaskaran in a film titled Thalaivan. After this she continued to act in Karai Oram, 7 Naatkal and Narathan. Though she had acted in so many films in Tamil she could not get a place in Tamil cinema.

Nikesha Patel has been acting in Telugu films. At this juncture, she has been signed for an important role in a film which is to be made in Tamil and Telugu. In the year 1985, a Hindi film titled Teri Meherbaniyan directed by Vijay Reddy was released. This film was produced by K.C. Bokadia.

Jackie Shroff and Poonam Dhillon had donned the lead roles in the film. The film which was produced by K C Bokadia was directed by Vijay Reddy. After 32 years K C Bokadia has decided to direct the part 2 of Teri Meherbaniyan. Instead of producing the film in Hindi, he will be producing the film in Tamil and Telugu.

Srikanth and Nikesha Patel will be donning important roles in this film.