5 Life Changing Experience Movies On Amazon Prime

5 life-changing experience movies on Amazon Prime

5 life-changing experience movies on Amazon Prime you can have weekend roof-top screening for friends and family

Busy laden days and 24/7 workaholic lifestyle might have created a drift in your weekend plans for long trips, drives and of course, a film. If so, we have a small suggestion for you, where you can assemble with your family or friends for a weekend screening of few movies streamed on Amazon Prime… These movies are beautiful entertainers, which doesn’t engross you, but will have something to relish, sit back, relax sipping your favourite drinks and of naturally develop a new perception about life.

REVA (Gujarati) – The story of a filthy rich young man in USA, who after the demise of his grandfather has to visit an Ashram located on the banks of river Narmada and get the signature of trustees to acquire the wealth. The trustees aren’t white collar icons, but a Fakir, priest and very ordinary men. During the journey, he doesn’t recognize his true identity, but goes through a transformation within.

Katheyondu Shuruvagide (Kannada) – A young resort owner is facing serious business issues and life, but has some hopes painted with the arrival of new guest Tanya. A beautiful tale that embellishes the beauty of relationships among three couple, which by the end will leave you in some serene experience…

Hey Jude (Malayalam) – A genius mathematician, but an underdog in communication with others has his life transformed after coming across Crystal, a girl with unconventional ideologies.

Onthara Bannagalu (Kannada) – An emotional journey of 5 characters, who are whelmed with their own ideologies. Their embarkation of a journey was the decision taken to experience freshness in life, but they are urged by situations bounce upon some incidents they didn’t expect.

Kumbalangi Nights (Malayalam) – The story of four brothers dwelling in a half-built house across the banks of silent back waters in Kerala and how their lives change after women enter their lives is beautifully narrated.