It is GV Prakash for ‘TUTI PATRIOTS’ team

It is GV Prakash for ‘TUTI PATRIOTS’ team. Tamil Nadu Premiere League – 2016 (TNPL) is on its full swing and the team ‘TUTI PATRIOTS’ who plays for Tuticorin – Tirunelveli Districts strengthened by the cream of Tamil Nadu’s players in their kitty is currently trending in Tamilnadu with the slogan “Namma Payaluga”. Owned by ‘Albert Muralidharan’ and headed by Dinesh Karthik, ‘TUTI PATRIOTS’ has now come up with a new surprise… Music Director – Actor GV Prakash will be acting as the Brand Ambassador for the team ‘TUTI PATRIOTS’ and it is also to be noted that GV is currently involved in the process of making an exclusive album for ‘TUTI PATRIOTS’

“I have been very passionate about cricket right from my childhood. Cricket and Music is my identity and when an opportunity came to amalgamate both together i pounced upon it. I personally appreciate the initiative taken by Tamil Nadu Cricket association for the initiative on TNPL. I am glad to be associated with TUTI patriots and i hope my theme album provide them more energy and vibrance in tune with the attitude of the soil Tuticorin and Thirunelveli” declared G V Prakash.

“We are very much glad to have GV Prakash as our Brand Ambassador and this is really a feel-good moment for our entire team. He is the perfect person we felt , with full of energy and enthusiasm. As of now he is composing a special MUSIC VIDEO for our team and I am pretty sure that this album will be trending viral very soon. ‘Namma Payaluga’ ‘TUTI PATRIOTS’ will be rocking this entire TNPL -2016 and the theme song will be released on 12th August” says ‘Albert’ Muralidharan the owner of ‘TUTI PATRIOTS’ in a confident tone.