PT Sir Trailer An amalgamation of entertainment

PT Sir Trailer – An amalgamation of entertainment and a social issue

Hiphop Aadhi has always been a socially responsible artist. Be his musical exploration as an independent artist or an actor, he has nourished is career with scrutinising efforts to make responsible movies. The actor’s upcoming film ‘PT Sir’ Trailer assures that he has upgraded his career with the right selection of scripts that caters to the tastes of audiences from all walks of life. The trailer with its run time of 2 minutes starts on a fun, romantic mode, and later switches to a serious social issue, where the conflict is about miscreants in the educational management system.

Looks like there is a substantial scope for female characters in the film. Well, Hiphop Aadhi movies always boasts of unlimited entertainment, and now he has tried balancing both the humour, commercial and serious element together.

But Vels Film International that has constantly delivered good quality movies has yet another one adding up to its league, which is very much evident with the trailer.