Election Movie Review

Election Movie Review

The film centers around the events unfolding in the villages under a panchayat during the local body elections, shedding light on the numerous challenges faced within a town. The narrative encompasses a total of four elections. It explores the journey of the protagonist, who is unfamiliar with politics, as he enters the election and grapples with the consequences that follow. Additionally, the film delves into the reasons behind the protagonist’s father’s decision to not campaign for his own child. The director skilfully portrays these aspects, with the backdrop of Vellore district serving as the setting for the election.

Since, the film revolves around the local panchayat elections, it remains so relatable with majority of the audiences. But the, a little bit of fine-tuned screenwriting would have made it more commendable. Friends becoming enemies, and foes turning into allies have been considered as a ritual practice in the realm of Indian elections. Significantly, the film tries to delve into these arena. The director has illustrated the dynamics of the local elections by showcasing a reformist politician, individuals with little knowledge of politics, ordinary citizens manipulated by politicians, rivalries among local election candidates, politicians who break away from their party to assert their influence, a loyal party follower, a leader who maintains power through the support of the people, and the most unethical politician within that religious community. Besides, special appreciation to the director for the exceptional climax scene in the film. The use of colloquial language from Vellore district by all the characters seamlessly complements the storyline and captivates the audience. This can be attributed to the collaborative efforts of director Tamil, writer Azhagiya Periyavan, and the lead actor Vijayakumar. Despite the numerous characters in the film, Pavel stands out with his exceptional performance. Dileepan showcases his acting prowess by flawlessly portraying a ruthless villain character, establishing his credibility in terms of performance. On the other hand, Vijay Kumar and Preethi Asrani deliver decent performances as the lead actors. George Mariam’s character resonates with the struggles of sincere political party workers across various towns. Govind Vasantha’s music is average, while Mahendran Jayaraju’s cinematography effectively captures the essence of local body elections, immersing the viewers in the setting.

Overall, Election is an engaging film that deals with a social context that could be very much resonated with the audiences.

Election Movie Review
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Verdict: A Compelling Tale of Reality that keeps us glued to screens.

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