Roja turns Mom in Apple Penne

“Apple Penne” – These two words surely portrays the relationship between a mom and her daughter. It is the name of the movie too. Director R.K.Kalaimani proudly says that the movie has Roja in the lead with Aishwarya Menon as her daughter. The movie has only six characters and the story revolves around it says the producer G.K.Pandian.

The producer himself has taken a small cameo role in the movie and his role is said to be the biggest twist in the screenplay. Director R.K.Selvamani proudly says that Thambi Ramaiya is the antagonist and he has done his part pretty well. Story runs in a thriller genre with a song portraying the benefits of fresh fruits and its functions inside the human body.

Director makes a proud note that the song will be a life time lesson for everyone who ignore eating fruits in their day to day life.