Samantha’s philosophical message on success and life

Samantha’s philosophical message on success and life. Age and experience does make a person more cognizant and philosophical too. Such seems to have been an instance, when Samantha recently interacted with media channels.

During this moment, Samantha seems to have spoken about the success in life saying, “World will come and join to help the ones, who not alone dream, but set out with their hard work to accomplish more.For others, they would be standing at the same place and wouldn’t be moving forward. One has to face the struggles and barricades to come up in life. You’ve have to sacrifice a lot. Sometimes your relationships might be broken, your beloved ones might become traitors and at any cost or situation, one shouldn’t give up on their ambitions. And when finally you’ve made it to the land of success, you’ll get back what all you lost during the process.”