Seethakaathi Movie Review
Seethakaathi Movie Review

Seethakaathi Movie Review

DirectionBalaji Tharaneetharan
WriterBalaji Tharaneetharan
ProducerSudhan Sundaram
Umesh G.
Arun Vaidyanathan
CastVijay Sethupathi
Parvathy Nair
Remya Nambeesan
MusicGovind Vasantha
CinematographySaraskanth T. K.
EditorR. Govindaraj
Production companyPassion Studios
Running Time173 mins
Release Date20th December 2018


Seethakaathi” marks the successful combination of Vijay Sethupathi and Balaji Tharaneetharan, who had earlier swayed up with success through their experimental movie ‘Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom’. Well, this film is yet another experiment from the duo, which can be regarded as a bold one indeed. The reason is that the basic theme itself, where you will be bounded to unexpected shocks and surprises. Yes, the film has lots of emotional baggage, but it comes dosed with humour as well.

As Vijay Sethupathi affirmed, his screen time is pretty little. In fact, very much lesser than assured In fact, this could have easily turned out to be a disappointment for Vijay Sethupathi fans, but the spellbinding screenplay of Balaji Tharaneetharan works out very well during the first hour. So much of humour and emotions that come bundled together.

But the actual problem occurs by the second half, where Balaji seems to have repeated the same drama over and again. Say for instance, the scenes involving Rajkumar-Bhagavathi during first half is no different from Deekay-Sunil by second hour.

However, there are few scenes that will leave you emotionally inclined. The scene, where Mouli witnesses a surprise during stage play with sparrows chirping in the backdrops and the courtroom scene with Mahendran conveying his opinions after passing verdict are really appreciable.

The ‘Ayya’ has been nicely sketched as character by Balaji Tharaneetharan, which keeps us so much encompassed. Every actor in the film deserves accolades for they have done a remarkable performance. Especially, Sunil who just leaves us in laughter-riot with his performance and dialogue deliveries… Mouli remains silent throughout the film, but his emotions speaks a lot. Vijay Sethupathi is remarkably awesome thought his screen presence is just 25 minutes.

There are few things that we would like to elaborate, but it will eventually end up as a spoiler. Musical score by Govind Vasantha is almost like a character that keeps ‘Ayya’ alive throughout.

But then, there seems to have been a confusion in director’s mind wedged between exceptional concept and commercial treatment. Of course, the film comes to end by the point of intermission itself and maybe few minutes extended from there. The second hour stretched too much might work well with multiplex audiences.

On the whole, Seethakaathi boasts a stunning theme, performance and dialogues, but then if the screenplay was tried out innovatively, it would have been a real big moment to celebrate it.

Seethakaathi Movie Review
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Verdict: A huge concept well ideated, but slightly drops down momentum by second hour with dragged narration.

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