STR and Anirudh to storm up with ‘Peiyophobilia’

STR and Anirudh to storm up with ‘Peiyophobilia’. Young Superstar Silambarasan and Anirudh are officially teaming up for the first time and it’s all about a song titled ‘Peiyophobilia’ from the film ‘Rum’. Last year, the duo had to go through some tough time on their leaked version of Beep Song, but they are going to really enthrall the entire music lover sand their followers with a much stunning treat. “The moment I started composing the song, I strongly felt that STR would be suiting this for vocalization. The lyrical lines in Gibberish by Vivek have added up more flavours in the song,” says Anirudh.

The song speaks about the doubtful presence of paranormal and ghostly activities and whether one should fear about them. It also has additional lines, which says that there are things scarier than ghosts in this real world.

The film ‘Rum’ is directed by Sai Bharath and is produced by Vijaya Raghavendra of All in Pictures. The film has an ensemble star-cast of Hrishikesh, Sanchitha Shetty, Miya George, Vivek, Narain, Amzath and Arjun.