Suriya failed but John Abraham continues

Suriya failed but John Abraham continues. When we glimpse upon the fascinating films of Suriya, it is obviously ‘Kaakha Kaakha’ that stands out to be a much spectacular flick in his career graph, which escalated his status. While the theatrical version of the film would have got the tragic end of Jyothika being shot dead, the DVD version carried an alternative ending, where we find her alive. From then, there were some routes that claimed possibilities for the sequel to happen, but it didn’t materialize then.

The film remade in Hindi as ‘Force’ by Nishikanth Kamat featured John Abraham in lead role and with the climax turning to be similar as in theatrical version of Tamil, the protagonist’s journey continues in the second installment of ‘Force’, where we find a RAW agent (Sonakshi Sinha) joining a mission too.