The exhilarations and expectations of Thanga Magan

It’s always a special celebration when the trailers of big tickets arrive. The exhilarations and expectations were no exception for Dhanush-Samantha-Amy Jackson starrer ‘Thanga Magan’, which has been released before few minutes. The trailer with a running length of 173 seconds gives such impression that the film comes with a baggage of mix involving fun, emotions, family relationships, romance and of course, significant action blocks.

The dialogues uttered by Dhanush almost sound the same reminiscence of ‘Velai Illa Pattadhaari’. By nature of what we see and perceive, it is obvious that the film is about an ordinary boy from middle class background, where he faces problems raised by big shots in the business world. Well, there are few shots portraying Dhanush owning a Biriyani shop and how does he get involved with the chain of big sharks is something we have to wait and watch.

The dialogues by Dhanush like ‘Tamil Naatula Tamizh Thokkadhu’ is something more mediocre and maybe it could evoke good response from Dhanush fans.

Verdict: A passable appetizer that impresses in parts.