Eetti Movie Review

Eetti Movie Review

Written & Direction : Ravi Arasu
Producer : S. Michael Rayappan
Cast : Atharvaa | Sri Divya | Jayaprakash | Aadukalam Naren | Aadukalam Murugadoss
Music : G. V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography : Saravanan Abhimanyu
Editing : Raja Mohammad
Production company : Global Infotainment Pvt. Ltd
Running Time : 144 mins

Atharvaa has been curiously awaiting a decent comeback over the years post his critically acclaimed ‘Paradesi’, which was released before two years. The actor had experimented with different genres during this interim with movies like ‘Irumbu Kuthirai’ and ‘Chandi Veeran’, which had middling, impacts in the box office. Well, straining physically for this specific film ‘Eetti’, the actor was already on headlines for his six-pack and health issues. As the film is hitting screens today, we bring you the exclusive analysis for this film, directed by debutant Ravi Arasu, starring Sri Divya in female lead.

As we are through halfway the show, the film lets us perceive two things. The first one obviously is the matured performance of Atharvaa Murali along with some well treated scenes, especially the interval sequence that keeps us engrossed. On the flip side, the director seems to have perplexed with his focus upon two different episodes. One being the protagonist and the overdosed prominence to the baddies and it looks like; he wanted to try something more on the lines of Polladhavan, where the story traverses through two different people. Fine! The portrayal of baddies has been done in proper justification, where the antagonist decides to get away from Sri Divya when her family members object is a splendid twist. When we keep our guesses to be perfect, we are suddenly surprised with a transformation in baddie, but during the course of narration, the balance between the two different episodes slightly goes missing.

Atharvaa stands out to be the major attraction in the film, where his hard work and scrupulous works are so much evident. Sri Divya looks angelic, but her performance and expressions needs to be pushed up furthermore. She remains soft and clueless in many places. RNR Manohar is perfect to the role of baddie and the one playing his sidekick does justice to his role. GV Prakash’s background score proves to be a strong element of enhancing many racy sequences.

The film strongly sticks to the ‘Commercial’ genre, where Atharvaa tries to flex his muscle and get himself shot up to next level in his career. The running length in both hours should have been trimmed. There is a point before interval, where the momentum shoots up with all the characters coming across each other, which is very well written. If the same momentum was maintained by the second hour, Eetti would have been more engrossing.

You can book your tickets for ‘Eetti’, if you aren’t really concerned about spending your time for a simple film that has passable entertainment elements.

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