Vijay Sethupathi’s 2 movies in 2 weeks

Planning up a perfect strategy, exerting complete energy into the projects and enlivening every role he plays, appears to be fresh and newer in every film that have a release within shorter gap. He has already delivered four releases in this year, which have embodied him in different avatars and performances. Now the surprise for fans gets bigger as the actor will have couple of releases in the span of just 2 weeks.

While the makers of ‘’ have unveiled the first look poster claiming the release date to be September 23, his other film ‘’ has been confirmed for October 7 on the occasion of Pooja holidays. It is a fascinating scenario out there for the fans to see so many releases in a short span of time. This indeed is the building platform mantra of as distributors and exhibitors have declared him to be the safest bets. Even if one or two of his films have mediocre results, it would eventually get compromised with his other films as he juggles between different genres.