VIP 2 teaser reveals an unbelievable surprise

Dhanush is super excited that he has obtained a bigger opening scenario for his upcoming film ‘Velai Illa Pattadhaari 2’.

The film is hitting screens on August 11, which will have 5 long holidays to bring in sumptuous audiences to the theatres. Meanwhile, he unveiled a teaser of 39 seconds duration along with the official announcement of release. There is a particular shot in the teaser, where we get to see Dhanush with cigarette in his hand carried by crowd.  It is learnt that they aren’t junior artists, but the real hardcore fans of Dhanush and they got this opportunity to rub shoulders with him.

It is quite evident that VIP 2 will definitely cater to the tastes of not just family audiences, but will have its appeal for Dhanush buffs as well.