“We are heartbroken and are asking ourselves” : Ghibran

Chennai 2 Singapore is an upcoming film that is directed by newcomer Abbas Akbar and has music composed by Ghibran. The team who has decided to steer away from conventional audio launches are on a road trip in a first-ever attempt to launch the movie’s songs.

They are on a journey through six-countries – to drive from Chennai to Singapore by road which began on the 12th of August. They have already released three songs – one in Chennai, one in Bhutan and the third in Myanmar after a lot of hurdles. The team is now in for a rude shock as the songs from Chennai 2 Singapore have been leaked.

“Many people have asked me what the purpose of this unconventional drive is. This includes people from the film fraternity as well as family and friends. Chennai 2 Singapore is an album to reach out to people and to shout out loud. This drive is very close to all our hearts. Early this January, I shared on my social media pages that I am going to start a drive from Chennai to Singapore. The team has been facing a lot of unexpected obstacles, like the earthquake in Myanmar. Now, our car Lakshmi, has been seized in Thailand due to the lack of a permit. We are in the midst of sorting this out. Currently, we are in the border of Myanmar and Thailand. As much as this drive is mentally draining and at times we want to cancel it, the team has become much stronger than we first started and are giving it a tough fight.

But something has shattered us terribly. The songs from Chennai 2 Singapore have been leaked and are available online. I have posted a video on my social media page about what was happened exactly…

Although people are giving me positive feedback and saying that they are enjoying the songs, it is disturbing to know that they have been leaked and are available on numerous torrent sites for download. Now that the songs are out, we do not know what to do. We are heartbroken and are asking ourselves on what is the purpose of continuing on this drive. This piracy war cannot be fought. We managed to fight on when there were unforeseen situations during the drive. However, we do not know how to react to this. We have asked for the songs to be taken down on pirated sites to avoid piracy spreading further. We humbly request people to not download the songs from pirated sites and to support us,” says Ghibran.

Ghibran also extends his gratitude to everyone, including fans and officials, who are helping to resolve this matter.

The fourth song “Texas Pogiren” will be officially released in Thailand once matters are resolved and we hope the team will get through this tough period soon.