2.0 Movie Review

2.0 Movie Review

2.0 Movie Review

Direction S. Shankar
Writer S. Shankar
B. Jeyamohan (Dialogues)
Producer Subaskaran
Cast Rajinikanth
Akshay Kumar
Amy Jackson
Sudhanshu Pandey
Music Songs:
A. R. Rahman
A. R. Rahman
Cinematography Nirav Shah
Editor Anthony
Production company Lyca Productions
Running Time 147 mins
Release Date 29th November 2018


What’s the use when there’s heavy grandeur and the basic plot itself is weak. This might sound literally a harsh stroke to kick-start an analysis, but a reality that has to be accepted with Shankar’s latest release ‘2.0’. The film isn’t just about spin-off characters, but a straight sequel to 2010 hit movie Endhiran, which has the characters retained, but the premise is new. When it comes to the visual grandeur of 3D element, we must really appreciate the entire VFX and 3D artists’ team for outstanding title credits, which leaves you spellbound. In fact, this specific moment gives an incredible belief that the film is going to surpass our anticipations. By the very beginning of the film as a prologue, we are easily exposed to the film’s premise. Precisely, the real intense moment isn’t the introduction of Chitti or his missions prior to intermission, but the introduction scene of Akshay Kumar that gives Goosebumps. Yes, Shankar has understood the pulse of Rajinikanth fans and just leaves us awestricken during the second half.

Dr. Vaseegaran’s transformation and his encounters with Chitti followed by 2.0 and 3.0 arriving into the picture. OMG! To see so many avatars dazzle up the screens. What else can a Superstar Rajinikanth fan ask for? But they come with scarcity and despites having the big brands and technology, the flimsy plot stops you from admiring 2.0 to the fullest. In 2010 Endhiran, we could experience whole lot of emotions, whereas this film doesn’t have anything special for Rajinikanth fans, but instead Shankar tries to dominate it with his grandeur factors. Incisively, we are already used to such top-notch high octane CGs and Animations from Hollywood movies, But what made Endhiran exceptional was unexpected surprises in action sequences and dramatic twist of events as well.

AR Rahman goes missing completely in many places despites giving his best into the BGMS. With Sound effects dominating a lot, the music gets diminished in many places. When a song cannot find a right placement, why shoot it expensively? ‘Endhira Logathu Sundariya’ comes only the final credits (Shankar follows the Hollywood pattern of After-credit scene, thought not impressive).

The problem with 2.0 is that it has such an emotional element, which if it was enhanced would have been a groundbreaking film in the Indian film fraternity. Regrettably, it fails to achieve this stature (Are we missing our beloved Sujatha here?). There is a particular sequence, where ‘Dove’ are being threatened of massacred if Pakshi Rajan hurts 2.0. In this very aspect, where ‘Doves’ are considered as symbol of peace and purity, the impact gets lost terribly… This is where the writers should have been careful. We are not suggesting them, but something involving proper justice to the premise.

The VFX team has strived best to enthrall audiences and the art department is colossal indeed.

But sorry to say! Shankar fails to deliver a promising film, where he seems to be laden with belief that some messages conveyed through protagonists and technological grandeur will impress audience.