96 Movie Review

96 Movie Review

96 Movie Review

Direction C. Prem Kumar
Writer C. Prem Kumar
Producer Nandagopal
Cast Vijay Sethupathi
Trisha Krishnan
Varsha Bollamma
Music Govind Menon
Cinematography Mahendiran Jeyaraju,
N. Shanmuga Sundaram
Editor R. Govindaraj
Production company Madras Enterprises
Running Time 158 mins
Release Date 4th October 2018


A silent night, you happen to flip through a novel, in simple words, a short story about two childhood sweethearts, who have been separated and have come across each other. You flip through the pages as the story unfolds into their flashbacks and you’ve some mild violins and instrumentals evolving within. Sometimes, you smile, you laugh, get your hearts wrenched, brim yourselves with blind hopes and by the final pages, hold your fingers so deep on the pages with some sort of fear and doubts what’s gonna be the end.

Ram and Jaanu indulge in conversations, sometimes with words and most of the times in silence. As you get deep into them, you’ll soon start feeling the same emotional depth.

Such happens to be the moments painted poetically and visually by filmmaker Prem Kumar, who doesn’t give you an option to think about the rational part, but just indulge you emotionally. This is going to be a personal reflection of each and every audience, where they’ll instantly settle with the faces of Ram and Jaanu. In fact, the film has prepared the audience so well even before the release. Yes, the film raised your expectations and it gives what it promised. But, there would have been definitely some assumptions over the film’s end, which might or might not fulfil your anticipations. But still, ‘96’ makes sure that everything conveyed there is acceptable.

Trisha leaves so much imbibed with her performance And guess what? If Trisha has won so much of appreciations, 75% of the credit goes to Gouri, who plays the younger version of Jaanu. Gouri has given more life to the role that Trisha could take a cakewalk. So for Vijay Sethupathi’s role of Ram, where Aaditya Bhaskar with his performance offers a stupendous one… Just watch out for his episodes as a school boy and transformation into matured chap in college time. The particular scene, where Jaanu says, ‘Avan Singam Maathiri Nadandhu Vandhaan’ and the song ‘Kadhale Kadhale’ is played in the backdrops will leave the entire team erupted into huge applause. Both Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha convey more emotions through their conversations, which is completely a difficult task. We cannot reveal more illustrations to it as it might turn a spoiler.

Musical score by Govind Vasantha is remarkably spellbinding and his BGM leaves you emotionally addicted. Cinematography looks so much like a painting, where you feel even the ambience is a character.

Overall, 96 stands out to be an unforgettable experience for the audience and it’s a pure love story that comes as a groundbreaking flick for the moment, where lust and perkiness in romance are promoted as love stories.