Aakashavani Movie Review

Aakashavani Movie Review

Much alike any other regional movie industry, Telugu cinema has categorized itself into two different sectors – Commercial and offbeat, where the latter is a minority. However, when a movie arrives from this store, it eventually makes sure of capturing the spotlights beyond its boundaries and linguistic barriers. The recent release Aakashavani streaming on SonyLIV is a beautiful embellishment to this abovementioned fact as director Ashwin Gangaraju endows audiences, a heart-warming tale that preaches the essence of life, but not with a force.

The movie is about an isolated village with a group of 40 people, who are born and brought up in the same neighbourhood. These people have no knowledge about what’s happening in the outer world (Much like our Kong in the Godzilla Vs King Kong, but the natures vary, as these people are so innocent). They have never come across any outsider and their only alien or in other words, GOD is a Shivalinga statue, which is now replaced by an almost repaired radio box, which functions and malfunctions simultaneously. These people assume the sound from this instrument as God’s voice.

Their lives aren’t as simple and beautiful as we might predict. The cruel hearted Dora, the village head, often claiming to be the King doesn’t want these innocuous souls to live in serenity. His mantra is to keep these people as slaves and at no given point, they should gain courage to disrespect him. The arrival of Chandram master (Samuthirakani) into the village becomes a moment of enlightenment to these villagers as he keeps surprising them with the ‘TRUTH’.

The movie proceeds with the treatment of a parable and preachy factors, but that doesn’t hamper the engagement factors. In fact, movies dealing with these elements eventually turn out to be boredom after certain extent. But director Ashwin has narrated it with precise screenplay. The cinematography and background score elevates the movie to a decorous degree. The performances of all the actors among which most of them are theatre artistes are good.

On the whole, Aakashavani is a delightful experience to watch that doesn’t disappoint you anywhere.

Aakashavani Movie Review
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Verdict: Go for it! You will not be disappointed

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