Naduvan Movie Review

Naduvan Movie Review

Naduvan Movie Review

Despite the highs and lows, actor Bharath Niwas has remained under spotlights. Courtesy his hard work! The actor retains his stature in the industry for the charisma he owns. Moreover, he has become the safe bet for many newbie producers, who believe that his movies have a decent market with other regional dubbing versions. This happens to be a commercial or monetary factor. But then, let’s analyze how well engaging is his new movie ‘Naduvan’ streaming tonight on SonyLIV.

The story is set against the backdrops of Ooty, where Bharath is seen as a happy, well-settled man with a beautiful wife (played by Aparna Vinod), who isn’t actually happy with him. The reason being his over workaholic attitude, which gives her no option, but to brew up an affair with his close friend (Gokul of Chennai 2 Singapore fame)… There enters a little boy named Krishna, the distant relative of Bharath, who is given a new job at his Tea Factory. Eventually, the teen boy discovers the secret affair, following which it’s a game of backstabs and betrayals.

The directorial of Sharang has certain plus points. The major one being his ability to keep the audiences intact and focused with his narration… We keeps ourselves glued to the screens on what’s gonna happen next. In fact, he succeeds with this attempt during the first half. The second hour, however, falls short of expectations as we easily predict what’s next.

As with performance, Bharath gives his best effort although there isn’t more scope for him to establish his prowess performances. Aparna Vinod does nothing special. Gokul befittingly looks perfect for the role. The other characters do justice to their characters.

Usually, the concept of adultery and infidelity needs more focus with narrative part. Even if the emotional aspects slightly drop, it becomes awkward. Naduvan significantly becomes a case, where the director should have furthermore placed some scenes from a women’s perspective; her troubles of loneliness, lack of care from her spouse, her blunders, and how she repents. If these elements were placed, Naduvan would have been more appealing.

Naduvan Movie Review
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Verdict: A mature theme, which demands for more intensity, but lacks it

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