Anjaamai Movie Review

Anjaamai Movie Review

Actors Viddharth, Rahman and Vani Bhojan have played the titular roles in this movie ‘Anjaamai’, which is released by Dream Warrior Pictures.

Sarkar, portrayed by Vidharth, hails from a village near Dindigul and works as a farmer. He has two sons, with his eldest son, Krithik Mohan, aspiring to become a doctor while still in school. During this time, the central government introduces the NEET exam for medical education. The film depicts Sarkar’s struggles to make his son’s dream a reality, shedding light on the challenges faced by Tamil Nadu students and their families due to the NEET exam. Director Subburaman effectively showcases the stress and pressure imposed on students to succeed in the NEET exam.

Sarkar joins forces with socialite Manickam, played by Rahman, to advocate for his son. The narrative focuses more on the father-son relationship in the first half, with Sarkar’s son traveling to Jaipur to take the NEET exam. The second half of the film delves deeper into the story, giving Rahman a significant role and highlighting his impactful performance. The courtroom scenes featuring Rahman’s character receive positive feedback from the audience.

The unexpected intermission scene adds a twist to the storyline, although the second half may not be as compelling as the first. Vidharth convincingly portrays a father sacrificing his own desires for his son’s ambitions, while Rahman’s acting is commendable. Vani Bhojan, portraying Vidharth’s wife, may have a limited role but delivers a strong performance. Krithik Mohan shines in his role as Vidharth’s son, showcasing his talent. The director deserves praise for depicting the challenges faced by Tamil Nadu students due to the NEET exam.

Anjaamai Movie Review
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Verdict: Good and Hard-hitting theme, but fails to offer a riveting experience.

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