Weapon Movie Review

Weapon Movie Review

The film ‘Weapon’ is a superhuman film directed by Guhan Seniappan and produced by Million Studio. The film features Sathyaraj and Vasanth Ravi in the lead roles.

Vasanth Ravi, a renowned YouTuber and environmentalist in Tamil Nadu, firmly believes in the existence of superhumans surpassing the abilities of ordinary individuals. In contrast, the antagonist Rajeev Menon leads a clandestine organization known as Black Society, which conducts research on human sacrifices through a biotech company.

After an extraordinary incident in Theni, Vasanth Ravi embarks on a journey to uncover captivating content for his YouTube channel. Meanwhile, Rajeev Menon’s associates set out to investigate the mysterious superhuman who poses a threat to their members in Black Society, resulting in their consecutive deaths. Both of them encounter each other at a specific location. Did they discover the extraordinary individual they sought? How is Vasant Ravi linked to this particular group? Who is Satyaj, residing peacefully in the woods of Theni, and attempted to engage readers by responding to inquiries with unexpected turns and revelations. However, was the endeavor fruitful?

Vasanth Ravi shines as the protagonist in the movie. Initially portrayed as an ordinary YouTuber delivering a lecture on ecology, the first half showcases his growth as a supporting character. In the second half, Vasanth Ravi delivers a commendable performance. While he embodies the role flawlessly with a physique suited for the character, he could benefit from toning down the dramatics. Sathyaraj’s portrayal as a superhuman generated high anticipation prior to the movie’s premiere, yet his full potential is only showcased in the latter part of the film. Despite having limited screen time, he intensifies the character’s depth by engaging in heartwarming interactions with an elephant, delivering powerful blows to the antagonists, and displaying concern for his loved ones. The promotional material hints at his presence in flashback sequences, however, the impact of these moments is not as substantial as expected. Tanya Hope’s is no different from routine Tamil cinema commercial heroines, lacking significant opportunities to showcase her acting skills. On the other hand, Rajeev Menon portrays a sophisticated antagonist from high society, supported by his henchman Rajeev Pillai, effortlessly fulfilling the requirements of their characters.

There are some drowsy moments in the film, especially during first half. The action sequences could have been done better. However, cinematography and music stands out to be a highlighting trait in this movie. The film is a good attempt , but with few more fine-tuning and better engaging moments would have made it appealing to all.

Overall, ‘Weapon’ is just a passable film, which attempts to pioneer with a superhuman genre. It’s good in places, but doesn’t engross us vividly throughout the show.

Weapon Movie Review
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Verdict: With few interesting moments, Weapon remains as a passable show.

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