Aruvi Movie Review

Aruvi Movie Review

Aruvi Movie Review

Written & Direction Arun Prabhu
Producer S R Prakashbabu
S R Prabhu
Cast Aditi Balan
Lakshmi Gopalswami
Shwetha Shekar
Music Bindhu Malini
Vedanth Bharadwaj
Cinematography Shelley Calist
Editor Raymond Derrick Crasta
Production company Dream Warrior Pictures
Running Time
141 mins

There happens to be an assumption where is in poster featuring Woman as the main element, Is all about a female centric movie. But, Aruvi stands out to be a much exception in proving that there is nothing called as male and female centric films, but it is all about humanity.

The film travels through the life of a girl named Aruvi, who goes through a lot of hurdles in her life that occurred in an unexpected circumstance. The problems she faces and how she handles the situation is narrated with emotions.

Director Arun definitely deserves a high level of appreciation for choosing a premise that is completely unconventional and at the same time much engrossing. He has made sure that the movie shouldn’t be just a award winning kind of art genre, but should commercially cater to the needs of audiences. The first few minutes of the movie takes its own time to reveal what actually happened in the life of Aruvi. The chronicles of life narrative through different characters is engaging. Nevertheless the post intermission sequences that involves the game of truth and dare is actually like something unwonted to the script, but somehow justifies itself with the commercial ingredients.

If you’re looking out for the top highlight of this movie, it is none other than the female protagonist Aditi Balan. She has done a remarkable job with his performance. Any actress would definitely refrain from taking such daring attempts to reduce around 15-25Kgs of weight for a role. Watch out for her performance by end of the show, they’re just outstanding. Others in the film have completely contributed with their heart and soul towards the film. There are slight amateur elements in the film, which is okay for a first timer and Arun should carefully make a note of it and correct it for his next outing.

In spite of being shot in low budget, there are no technical compromises in the script, which involves even cinematography. Although shot in a much low profile camera, they coloring and grading has been done with a much significant panache…. The film traverses through different levels of emotions but with right kind of entertainment during the interim.

Overall, Aruvi doesn’t convey any message directly, but touches the core of humanity that everyone in the world expects nothing but LOVE and AFFECTION. These are the best medicines that can cure the sickness on longing and loneliness.