Cadaver Movie Review

Cadaver Movie Review

Cadaver Movie Review

Actress Amala Paul in her latest outing ‘Cadaver’ debuts as a producer as well. It’s good to see the ambitious efforts of the actress to exhibit her prowess in acting in a content-driven character. Cadaver, directed by Anoop Panicker and written by Abhilash Pillai has a premise, which remained unexplored in the Indian movie industry to a greater extent.

Doctor Badra (Amala Paul), a police surgeon has been a great help to the police department in solving murder mysteries using her autopsy skills. She comes across a weird and gruesome series of murders and finds out that there is a commonality among them. However, things get topsy-turvy, when a prisoner named Vetri (Thrigun) keeps announcing the name of the next victim, who is about to get murdered brutally. What’s the actual connection between Vetri and the murders? Who’s the actual murderer?

Finally, Amala Paul gets a substantial role to prove her proficiency in acting. Movies of this paradigm evidently prove that any actress, when given a proper role and script will never hesitate to come out of the clichéd roles and score brownie points. She looks so natural throughout the movie. Since most of her dialogues involve a lot of research and detail-oriented facts about the autopsy; she manages to retain our attention. In the second half, she delivers a neat performance in the emotional sequences as well. The next one to strike our attention is Harish Uthaman. Recently, in one of our recent reviews, we mentioned that actors like Harish Uthaman and Vamsi Krishnan are merely limited to the antagonists’ characters. When given a proper chance, they are sure to gleam with outstanding performances. Harish delivers a commendable performance as a police officer. Thrigun is good with his emotional part. Actress Athulya’s role is limited, and she is up with her finest acting.

Cinematography by Aravinnd Singh needs special appreciation. The camera angles and the unique tone that is retained throughout the movie elevate the essence of mystery and suspense. It’s good that the makers have avoided songs, and the BGM is good. There are some interesting twists and turns in the second hour, but we would like to keep it veiled as it would be a spoiler. There are few commercial elements in the second half, but it doesn’t hamper the progression of the story.

Overall, Amala Paul as a producer and actor excels with ‘Cadaver’. The finest writing including the explanation of many factors in the medical field, especially the investigative approach through the autopsy process wins our attention.

Cadaver Movie Review
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Verdict: Cadaver as an investigative medical thriller is appreciable for its taut screenwriting laced with surprising twists.

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