Chandi Veeran Movie Review

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Chandi Veeran Movie Review

Director : A. Sarkunam
Producer : Bala
Cast : Atharvaa | Anandhi | Lal
Music : S. N. Arunagiri
BGM : Sabesh Murali
Cinematography : P. G. Muthiah
Production company : B Studios

A national award winning director sarkunam join hands with Atharvaa from bala productions, creates a huge positive vibe from the announcement itself. Lets see how far they gave the magic.

Plot revolves around a youngster who decides to take off his life to bring attention to get drinking water for a village. Though it reminds of kaththi movie, inbetween here injected love, family, villain, nativity, fight between two villages, thrill altogether it ends with a message.

Chandi Veeran Movie Review

Atharvaa tried his best for the rural movie and his turnover in the second half to solve a issue, convincing but at times his attitude looks artificial and didn’t live with the role. Anandhi good screen presence and this duo chemistry worked out well too. Malayalam actor lal steals the show with his performance and his adamant character in the movie come out very well.

Chandi Veeran Movie Review

BGM is loud that worked well for the movie to fit for a nativity theme and gripping moments but songs didnt stay in our mind after the movie except the alungurane song. Even the post interval songs seems unwanted which slow down the movie when it is at the peak. Initial romance portions all backed with this alungurane tune completely till we think of too much.

Chandi Veeran Movie Review

Top angle shots massive enough to showcase the village and few nativity games, fight sequences are captured very well.

To get into the main part of the movie you have to wait patiently for almost an hour. As sarkunam failed to hit the hat-trick with his last film, there is a strong expectation on him to come back and hit boldly but again the result turned other way round. Just a usual nativity oriented movie where a village, fight for water with added commercial elements which doesn’t impress much on the whole.

Initial portions of the movie test your patients a lot and the lead pair romance portions not much exciting and at times you will ask for when the main plot of the movie will come. Climax is too cinematic and sudden change of people’s mind when a single person delivers a super heroic speech.

Chandi Veeran Movie Review

On the whole, we didn’t expect a ordinary flick from a national award winner and we strongly waiting for director’s comeback.

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Chandi Veeran – A decent rural flick with a good message

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