Cobra Movie Review

Cobra Movie Review

Cobra Movie Review

National award-winning actor Vikram’s proximity to exhibit his prowess in acting continues to prevail in his latest release Cobra. Written & directed by Ajay Gnanamuthu, the movie is produced on a grand scale by S Lalith Kumar of Seven Screen Studio. Srinithi Shetty, Former Indian Cricketer Irfan Pathan, Mrinalini, Meenakshi, Roshan Mathew, and many others are a part of this star-cast

Mathiyazhagan (Vikram) is a genius mathematician, whose counterpart life as an assassin remains a mystery. However, the Interpol officers led by Aslan (Irfan Pathan) get a clue about the Madhi, through a mysterious hacker, whose face is unknown to the world. What unfolds next is a series of cat and mouse thriller games that involves an unexpected surprise.

Actor Vikram’s sheer dedication is amazing. He never misses scoring brownie points as much as possible. One of the cherry-picks is the scene, where he gives a stunning act in the interrogation room, which might give you a Déjà vu of Anniyan climax. However, it’s Ajay Gnanamuthu, who deserves special mention for dramatizing this sequence in a perfect style. Had the film comprised of at least 4-5 sequences, then Cobra would have been an impeccable entertainer. Regrettably, it fails to strike the gold during major portions of the movie. With a running length of 3hrs 3 minutes, where we get to see the portions of director Adhik Ravichandran, Madurai Muthu, and a few other actors getting an abrupt cut as ‘Unwanted episodes’, which or else would have extended the duration. The first half is totally vague and directionless. Yes, there is grandeur, but everything in the form of CG works. We are aware that the team has completed the shoot amidst heavy challenges owing to the pandemic crisis. Nonetheless, what turns out to be a huge disappointment is the writing. The story being a hackneyed plot doesn’t seem like a blunder, but the narrative part does. It looks like, the team of writers had to sit down and slash out the clichés with the mindset that the movie might be termed as a replica of many movies. There’s nothing wrong to repeat the same stories, but what really matters is an engaging screenplay, which lacks in this movie.

AR Rahman’s songs and BGM aren’t really tremendous. They are just okay. The song ‘Thumbi Thullal’ kept us high on expectations, but goes with a mediocre picturing. Even the lyric video had lots of engaging moments, but the way, the song is pictured looks too mediocre. To be precise, the chemistry between Vikram and Srinithi Shetty itself is bleak. Mrinalini has very little portion to perform. We expect a lot with the characterization of Meenakshi Govindarajan, and she does have a decent role. However, it declines into nothing by the second half. Apart from Vikram, it’s Roshan Mathews and Irfan Pathan, who deliver impeccable performances.

On the whole, Vikram’s Cobra doesn’t have much to entertain us. Apart from the decent performance of Vikram, and a few technical aspects, the movie fails to keep us engaged for the three hours.

Cobra Movie Review
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Verdict: Except for Vikram’s performance, Cobra lacks power in the screenplay.

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