D Block Movie Review

D Block Movie Review

D Block Movie Review

Vijay Kumar Rajendran, the famous YouTuber famous for his brand ‘Eruma Saani’ embarks on his directorial debut with this movie ‘D Block’. The movie features Arulnithi and Avantika in the lead roles with Uma Riaz, Vijay Kumar Rajendran, Aditya Kathir, and a few others in prominent roles.
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The story is set in the year 2006, and the backdrop is a college across the foothills of Velliangiri Hills. Everything starts as a super-cool life for the protagonist (Arulnithi), and his bunch of friends, who are rejoicing their engineering college moments. He even finds his ladylove (Avantika), and everything looks like a picture-perfect life. However, things get awry, when a few girls from the college Lady’s hostel named ‘D Block’ mysteriously disappear and are found dead later. While the college administration and others believe that the gruesome animal creature is the reason behind all these mishaps, Arulnithi doubts there could be something worse than imagined behind all these deaths.

To start with, this movie marks the directorial debut of a YouTuber named Vijay Kumar Rajendran, who is famous for his ‘Eruma Saani’ channel. He has done a decent job with his directorial works, and in many places, we find that expertise that is usually common among experienced filmmakers. The entire movie is set in and around the college campus, and the last time, we saw such a movie was ‘Whistle’ which was released nearly two years ago. The way, Vijay Kumar manages to balance the fun and mystery elements together needs special appreciation.

Aravinnd Singh’s cinematography plays a pivotal role in keeping the thrill moments more impactful. The way, he captures the emotions and scary core of a few characters through his lens and innovative camera angles to enhance the thrills is appreciable. The background score by Kaushik Krish is yet another attraction that keeps spreading the eerie vibes at the right moments. The editing works need special attention for the transition among the scenes is neatly done. Having said that the movie has fun and mystery elements amalgamated together in many places, we find that D Block works out well only in the latter domain. The fun moments are okay as Vijay Kumar Rajendran, and Adithya Kumar are enjoyable. But their combination with Arulnithi in a few places looks odd. To be precise, Arulnithi slightly looks over-aged for this character. The romantic episodes involving Arulnithi and Avantika could have been better. Despite little drawbacks, the screenplay written in an engrossing manner keeps us engaged. As abovementioned, the movie gets good attention with thriller moments more than the fun factors. There are few scenes in the movie that deserves special mention. The basketball sequence, followed by a flashback in the second half narrated with a storyboard presentation and the climax action sequence. It is very well visualized and materialized by the team.

Arulnithi might not be an appropriate character for the college student, but still, he manages to deliver his best efforts. Avantika has a good screen presence, but her role is just passable. Uma Riaz delivers a commendable job. Karu Pazhaniappan as the college owner appears in just one scene. The surprise character has done remarkable work, and we don’t want to reveal it as a spoiler. Vijay Kumar Rajendran and Aditya Kishore together try to evoke laughter and have given their best. Ramesh Prabha is a surprise element in the star cast.

On the whole, D Block is a decent attempt by the entire team, which has the ‘Mystery-Thriller’ genre with fresh treatment, and overall, it offers a good experience.

D Block Movie Review
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Verdict: A well-crafted mystery thriller with a fresh story premise and engaging

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