Rocketry The Nambi Effect Movie Review

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect Movie Review

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect Movie Review

Actor R Madhavan’s Rocketry has been appealing sensibly to the universal crowds from the time of its announcement. Initially, Anant Mahadevan was supposed to helm this project but later stepped out due to some other commitments. Actor Madhavan had to pick up the directorial hat for the first time. Written and directed by Madhavan, he has produced the movie as well.

Based on the real-life character of ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan, the movie revolves around his outstanding contribution to elevating the stature of the Indian sub-continent on the global maps. In an unexpected turn, he faces the most gruesome charges that fabricate him as espionage. Spending years of imprisonment and tortured impulsively by the CBI investigators, he proves his innocence, but still had the irreversible stigma that turned him and his family into a taunted subject. ‘Rocketry’ is all about the single man Nambi Narayanan, whose immense contribution towards the country’s development was eclipsed by the fake charges, and how he overcame them.

Nambi Narayanan remained an unknown idol to many in our country, and the most disappointing fact is the obscurity among the people in Tamil Nadu that he is one among them. This Docu-Drama remains an incisive critique in bringing open the pathos and pain of Nambi Narayanan through the dramatic play of Madhavan. The first half delves into various stages of Nambi Narayanan’s professional life, and Editor Bijith Bala deserves a special mention for handling those transitions efficiently. The emotionally power-packed moments are found in a plethora during the second hour. When you have a character like Nambi Narayanan, it’s not an easy thing for a general audience to connect with. It’s not just on the big screens, but in real life as well. How many of us would have rubbed the shoulders or shot the breeze with astrophysicists and scientists? A billion-dollar question indeed! But what draws us into the world of Nambi Narayanan is the emotional connection, the urge, and outcry of an honest man, who wants to prove his innocence, and the touches of melancholy experienced by the victim’s family. There’s one particular scene, where the children urge their father to prove his hands clean or else it would be a curse to the entire lineage in the future. Moreover, dialogues are the main attraction in keeping the audiences glued to the movie.

As an actor, Madhavan has rendered a jaw-dropping performance. More than terming his act as ‘Performance’, it looks more like the real person has stepped inside the frame. His dedication to this movie needs special appreciation. Simran as Madhavan’s wife delivers a commendable performance. She has always been the best when it comes to emoting to complex situations, and despite her role being inclined to minimal prominence, she strikes a good spell. Karthik Kumar as a CBI officer is flawless. Suriya’s cameo is one of the biggest attractions. Actor Madhavan proves his intelligence by getting on board, for his presence in the movie keeps us adhered even during a few slow-paced dramatic moments. Without his character, the movie would have been a raw documentary, and watching Suriya’s character brewing up to the best intensity by the end is nicely written. Gulshan Grover as APJ Abdul Kalam and Ravi Raghavendra as Vikram Sarabhai are the cherry pickscherry-picks to remember even post-the show.

The cinematography and VFX are the best showstoppers. They have established the grandeur of this project with incredible potential. Sam CS’s background score animates the entire dramatic play to a greater magnitude. The screenplay is quite interesting as we can experience the character’s pain and bane in many places. Yes, there are a few sluggish moments, which could have been avoided, but still, it doesn’t get you bored.

On the whole, Rocketry is a product of Actor-Director Madhavan’s hard work. Special kudos to the versatile actor for his self-confidence in portraying the life of an unsung hero.

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect Movie Review
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Verdict: A compelling and intriguing story that deserves a watch

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