DD Returns Movie Review

DD Returns Movie Review

DD Returns Movie Review

Following the tremendous success of both the instalments ‘Dhillukku Dhuddu’ and ‘Dhillukku Dhuddu 2’, the franchise found a massive reach with the buffs. With the announcement of ‘DD Returns’, the third instalment, and the rib-tickling visual promos, the expectations got huge. Let us check out how well does Santhanam & Co amuse the crowds with their latest outing.

The film revolves around a gang of characters, who in the mission of chasing for a huge money, land up at a haunted bungalow in Pondicherry, where they get confined to the walls with the ghosts terrorising them with a ‘Game Show’.

Right at the beginning of the film, the audiences are assured that they have plenty to laugh out loud. Director Prem Anand retains the same momentum and impact from the beginning till the end, thereby keeping us entertained. The way, he narrates the story by connecting the dots of the entire team reaching the haunted bungalow is so logical. Usually, the logic quotients have been an issue in the DD franchise, but this one nails it down perfectly. Of course, with the arrival of ghosts, you don’t need logic, but only fun and entertainment, which is given in abundance.

Actor Santhanam makes his strong comeback in his appearance and his signature form of comedy through this movie. The fans have been curiously waiting for this avatar for a very long time, and he finally appeals to their interest. He dominates the entire second half with his screen presence of having the ‘Game Show’ portions done in perfection.

Surabhi has nothing to do with the main plot, and she is just a namesake heroine. The other actors, especially Maaran and Sethu leave us in splits with their hilarious comedy sense. Not to miss the fun-filled appearances of Redin Kingsley, Dheena, Thangadurai and others, who keep tickling our funny bones. Besides, the performance of Pradeep Rawat, Masum Shankar and Maanasvi are appreciable as well.

Cinematographer Deep Kumar deserves special mention for a wonderful work. The background score works out well for this movie. There aren’t much to mention in the flip side, and if a little bit of length was tweaked in the second hour, it would have been good, but that doesn’t appear as a major drawback.

Overall, DD Returns is a 100% entertainer that brings us back vintage Santhanam in style.

DD Returns Movie Review
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Verdict: Don’t miss it! The ‘DD’ gang takes you for a non-stop laughter trip

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