LGM Movie Review

LGM Movie Review

LGM Movie Review

Ever since the announcement pertaining to LGM was made, the expectations have been pretty bigger. All credit goes to the brand ‘MS Dhoni’, who embarks on his production venture in Tamil industry through this film, featuring Harish Kalyan, Ivana and Nadhiya in the lead roles. The film’s visual promos clearly indicated that it’s going to be a feel-good family entertainer, directed by Ramesh Thamil Mani.

So what’s the film all about?

The film is about a handsome boy (Harish Kalyan), who falls in love with his colleague (Ivana), working in his IT firm office. They decide to get hitched after 2 years of relationship, and that’s when Ivana wants to spend some quality time with his future mother-in-law (Nadhiya) to see how’s the chemistry between them. The protagonist plans a trip involving both families, but on the spur of the moment, his mother discovers the real intention. Sooner, both his mother and fiancé embark on a journey that is laced with fun, twists, and surprises.

To start off with the analysis, the film has potential and elements that would easily work out with audiences but unfortunately fails to impress them with the feeble screenplay. The film’s writing looks so plain, and there are no impressive scenes, anywhere, except for a twist in the interval.

When it comes to performances, Harish Kalyan looks so dull and vague throughout the movie, and doesn’t fit his character anywhere. It’s same with Ivana, who keeps delivering same expressions over and again, throughout the film. It’s same with Nadhiya, who looks so dull and pale throughout the film. The mother-son chemistry between Harish and Nadhiya is completely missing. Especially, her portions during the second half aren’t engaging either. It looks like Yogi Babu’s character is purposely forced into the script. His presence doesn’t add any value to the film. He appears, disappears, and reappears for no reason. The only convincing part of the film is the performance by actor RJ Vijay.

On the technical front, the film’s music by director Ramesh Thamil Mani is somewhat ok, but it doesn’t synch well with the narrative, which again is weak. The cinematography looks over bleached.

Overall, LGM somewhat engrosses till the point of interval, but the post-intermission sequences are too sluggish with directionless screenwriting.

LGM Movie Review
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Verdict: A film that had potential to work out well, but eventually disappoints

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