Die No Sirs Movie Review

Die No Sirs Movie Review

Die No Sirs Movie Review

We have come across many Tamil movies set against the North Chennai backdrops with machete-holding gangster. Apparently, ’Die No Sirs’ initially looks like the one belonging to the same backdrop, but surprises us with a different touch. The film, directed by M R Madhavan, features, actors Udhay Karthik, Rishi, Mara, Sai Priya Deva, Manoksha and others in the star cast.

Produced by Srinivas Sambandham, the movie is released by Romeo Pictures. Bobo Sasi composed the music. Jones V. Anand is the cinematographer. Having won a lot of praise and acclaim even before release, does this movie justify the expectations?

Die No Sirs is another film depicting gangsters like ‘Vada Chennai’, advising ‘not to take one’s machetes out!” The youngsters in the area with the Chennai Tamil are constrained to join and work for the gangsters. However, one of the youngsters, ‘Mannu’ or ‘Aatral Mann’ (performed by Udhay Karthik), a member of the youth club ‘Die No Sirs’, manages to escape from this ordeal and lives away. Mannu’s brother, Dhana (performed by Rishi) is another unique character who is a true friend – to the extent of recognising the girl he goes to see for his alliance loving his friend and for his friend, he gives up the girl and even goes to jail. For a murder committed by the ‘Saalaiyar’ gang long ago, the youngsters are constrained falsely to surrender. At this juncture, Mannu’s brother Dhana, who is a true friend, goes to jail in place of his to-be-married friend!

In this situation, the Saalaiyar Gang attempts to bring in the straight character Mannu (who manages to be friendly with the police and stays away from crimes) and the recently married friend, Durai. Rest of the movie narrates what happens afterwards and whether Mannu stays straight in a fast tempo and powerful dialogues making a commercial movie.

Udhay Karthik, as Mannu, has carried the movie on his shoulders with an excellent performance as a youngster not falling into the hands of any gangs (“Are you trying to hand me your usual thing?”) , though initially raising doubts about fitting this role. Mara, as a bridegroom at the start of the movie, reminds of Vijay Sethupathi! Best wishes for his success! Rishi, who had acted as Mannu’s brother Rishi, and Manekshaw who has acted as ‘Saalaiyar’, fit their characters rather well. Sai Priya performs in the usual typical Tamil Movie Heroine role! There is no scope for her to impress the audience. However, Janaki, who performs as Mannu’s mother, fits the role and performs well!

After the first few minutes, the movie picks up a fast tempo in the first half. The scene of the murder sketch, which lasts 10 minutes, is the height of excitement! This will get recorded as one of the best-ever interval-block senses in Kollywood. After the gang-war break-out in the first half, the movie changes altogether, changing gear, and surprises the audience! The gimmicks performed by the hero in a death house raise a good laugh! However, this really affects the tempo of the movie.

The director, however, focuses on his view by presenting the hero saying, “See! The shadow of the aeroplane falls on us! We should fly in aeroplane at least once. Dialogues are the strong points of the movie! Some sparkling bits of dialogue. For each rowdy, his life is an Oscar Award!. A cigarette costs as much as half-kg of rice. Our God came on a procession in Madurai, But, you had gone for swimming. Such lines wins our attention and applause.

The songs Dolly Dolly, Maria. Etc., – impress with the music by Bobo Sasi. The background music, again, is one of the strongpoints of the movie. The camera of cinematographer Anand has captured the hut tenements, the heath inside the well, and the ‘Kakka Nagar area” excellently well!

Though the scenes are somewhat of a stereotype with drinking, smoking, smoking ganja, and rowdyism, the director has got to be praised for his successful attempt in dialogue without any bad words breaking a stereotype of Madras Language.

On the whole, ‘Die No Sirs’ is one of the most memorable movies in Tamil with the backdrop of North Chennai.

Die No Sirs Movie Review
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Verdict: Die No Sirs definitely deserves a watch for its riveting narration

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