Enemy Movie Review

Enemy Movie Review

Enemy Movie Review

If you’re looking out for the storyline of Anand Shankar’s ENEMY starring Vishal and Arya in the lead roles, it’s very much noticeable in the trailer, where we come across couple of friends (played by Vishal and Arya), who turn into foes later. So what’s actually propelling the cat and mouse game between them? That’s the plot of Enemy directed by Anand Shankar, director of movies like Arima Nambi and Iru Mugan. While Irumugan might have witnessed mixed response, there’s something unique about Arima Nambi as the screenplay was excellent. In particular, not all Tamil thrillers start on a high-octane note and Anand Shankar kept us engrossed with the gripping edge-of-seat first half in that movie. Similarly, he endows audiences with a high-end raciness in the first hour of Enemy. Disappointingly, much similar to Arima Nambi, the second half gets scattered directionless.

Be it another release of this festive occasion or Enemy, our Tamil filmmakers have now brought forth an unwanted challenge upon themselves – To impress the Telugu audiences. This lets us put forward a humble request to them – Please make movies for Tamil audiences and don’t step out of our zone. This doesn’t mean not to make a movie outside Indian backdrops, but the ingredients and treatment. Enemy doesn’t demand for songs, but still, the intention of roping in SS Thaman is clearly blatant, which is to impress the neighboring region. The songs in turn become the main hampering gripping screenplay. On the other hand, the writing too gets weak after 30 minutes from the title credits. The cat-and-mouse game is appreciable and the climax is the peak of Anand Shankar’s creative spell, but still, a couple more engrossing sequence would have made a good impact.

Vishal and Arya have never missed to score brownie points when they are given substantial characters. This movie is no exception for them as they have lived their roles to the fullest. In particular, the action block sequences are extremely excellent. They have come up with their best in the emotional scenes as well. Their performances in the climax scene are excellent. Mrinalini Ravi and Mamta Mohandas have done their roles neatly. Prakash Raj and Thambi Ramaiah are good. RD Rajashekar as usual enthralls us with his top-notch cinematography, especially the climax scene. The songs by Thaman and BGM by Sam CS are just average.

If Anand Shankar had crafted a gripping narrative writing, Enemy would have been a stupendous entertainer. For now, it’s a watchable movie, especially for the ones, who aren’t much used to Hollywood and International thriller genre movies.

Enemy Movie Review
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Verdict: Despite outstanding performances by Vishal-Arya and a decent plot, the screenplay hampers the intensity in many places.

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