Gurumoorthi Movie Review

Gurumoorthi Movie Review

Gurumoorthi Movie Review

Gurumoorthi stars Natty (a) Natarajan Subramaniam and Poonam Bajwa in the lead roles. Actor Ramki, Ravi Mariah, Naan Kadavul Rajendran, Sanjana Singh, Asmitha, and Manobala appear as important characters. KP Tanasekar has written and directed this movie.

The film opens with a police officer (Natty) bouncing upon a rich man (Ramki), who is trying to buy a 5-Cr worth house illegally without filing tax. When the whopping money gets snatched by a petty thief, things turn topsy-turvy for the police officer, who is on the run to trap him, only to realize that the money suitcase keeps shifting from one person to the other.

Cinematographer-turned-actor Natty (a) Natarajan Subramaniam has been the beacon for many filmmakers, especially debut directors. He has been acclaimed as an actor, who is easily approachable and producer-friendly as well. Guess what? He is one of the finest cinematographers in the Indian film industry, whose remuneration in Bollywood is more than B-Team actors in Kollywood. However, the pitiable part is that he could have at least suggested the cinematography team shoot the film with at least an average visual presentation. This is the first-ever time, a hill station has been captured so poorly. The hills usually make 50% of the work easier for any cinematographer with its scenic beauty, but this movie lacks elegance. When it comes to performance, Natty gives his best despite the character being so vague. Poonam Bajwa as a pregnant wife is almost like an extended cameo in this movie. The bonding between the couple could have been portrayed in a better way.

The story might be a timeworn plot, but still, any story is good, when presented adequately. Nonetheless, Gurumoorthy fails to get ticked in this box.

By the end of the show, we are not alone disappointed but walk out of the theaters with heavy thoughts of how come producers investing money could be so ignorant about cinema or at least the making style.

Gurumoorthi Movie Review
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Verdict: A huge disappointment

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