Hero Movie Review

Hero Movie Review

Hero Movie Review

Sivakarthikeyan’s Hero has been one of the most anticipated films of this season, especially after the actor’s erstwhile movie ‘Namma Veettu Pillai’ turning to be the year’s best top grosser. On the other hand, PS Mithran’s directorial debut ‘Irumbu Thirai’ becoming a raging hit added up more expectations to this film. Big names like Action King Arjun, Abhay Deol and Music director Yuvan Shankar Raja were furthermore attractions to the movie. 

Let us have a look on how well the film lives up to the expectations. 


Sakthi (Sivakarthikeyan) is a district topper in his  plus 2 exams, but had to sell his own academic certificates for his personal reasons. Years later, he is an expert in fabrication of certificates, which are high on demand even among the policemen. His life takes a turn, when a talented girl with low marks in her academics, but personally a genius in inventing an motor engine that runs on salt water is pushed to decision of death. Now, the fraudulent Sakthi has to become a ‘Hero’ and fight the odds created by the miscreants out there. 


The role that Sivakarthikeyan plays is something meant for the mass heroes, who have established a realms to a greater magnitude. We don’t mean to say that Siva is inappropriate to this role, but still there is something missing despite his hard efforts. ‘Hero’ isn’t a regular Sivakarthikeyan film as it lacks entertainment quotients, but comes up with more seriously intriguing theme. This might work out to a good extent.  Action Arjun almost stands out like a parallel hero and his massive with his screen presence. Abhay Deol proves to be an intelligent actor and his performance is extraordinary. Kalyani Priyadarshan has nothing to do in this film and she could have opted for a better debut than this. 

Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction:

When it comes to PS Mithran movies, it doesn’t run short off a good storyline and powerful dialogues, with most of the comprising of ‘Trivia’ about the theme he handles. Just like Irumbu Thirai, we come across some unknown facts about the educational system, which will shock. The team of writers needs special mention for this. But when it comes to narration, they fail terribly. If they have decided to make a serious film, why then divert themselves into unwanted songs and romance by the initial portions. They have nothing to do with the film’s premise. Does it mean that Sivakarthikeyan shouldn’t lose his fans and at the same wants to try something unique?  There are few scenes that are actually gripping, but the ending portions aren’t up to the expected levels. There happens to be a confusion on what’s the vision of this film? Is it imparting the message to parents to ensure that their kids don’t miss to bring out their hidden talents or it is about fighting against the unjust people involved in the corruption of educational system? Such questions prevail even after the film is over. 

Technical aspects:

BGM by Yuvan Shankar Raja is the biggest pillar to the film and songs aren’t actually engrossing. The others in the technical crew to instantly score brownie points are art department and stunt team.  Cinematography by George C Williams doesn’t capture your interests and it’s just an okay kind of work. We get to see lots of jump cuts that shows discontinuity between the scenes in editing by Ruben. 

On the whole, ‘Hero’ has a plot that tries to bring open the crisis in educational system and attempts to convey a good message, but everything looks vague and lacks emotions except for few moments.