Thambi Movie Review

Thambi Movie Review

Thambi Movie Review

Karthi’s runaway success with ‘Kaithi’ had escalated the expectations of ‘Thambi’. In addition, the first ever time pairing of Karthi and his sister-in-law and actress Jyotika furthermore intensified the anticipatory levels. Directed by ‘Papanasam’ fame Jeethu Joseph, the film has musical score by Govind Vasantha and cinematography handled by RD Rajashekar. 


Parvathy (Jyotika) has been leading a distressed life for nearly 15 years after her younger brother Saravanan ran away from the home. Her family comprising of father Gnanamoorthy (Sathyaraj), a politician, mother (Seetha) and grandmother (Sowcar Janaki) have been filled with hopes that one day, he will return back. On the other end, we find a cunning smart chap Vicky (Karthi) in Goa, who is asked by Gnanamoorthy to act like his estranged son and make the family members believe. Things are picture perfect for the entire family until murder plans are executed on Vicky aka Saravanan from strangers. 


Karthi has always been aspirer when it comes to attempting with elite family boy based characters and in this movie, we are faintly reminded of his shades in ‘Thozha’. However, he manages to pull it off excellently. Jyotika playing the role of his elder sister is somewhat okay. But she doesn’t get a meaty role and her characterization could have been written yet more with finesse. Sathyaraj steals the show with an impeccably good performance and he adds the best life to his character. Sowcar Janaki as usual is best with her spell. Anson Paul, Ilavarasu and others in the star-cast have done justice to their roles. 

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction:

Jeethu Joseph has the knack of preparing his audiences by the initial moments and gradually commutes them into the premise he has created. However, with ‘Thambi’, there are few limitations and that’s because of his erstwhile flicks like Drishyam (Papanasam) and Memories, which have been ennobled as top-notch edge-seated thrillers. What happens with ‘Thambi’ is that there are really commendable points involving twists and turns, but the racy experience goes missing in places, especially during the first hour. What should have been a roller coaster thriller turns out to be little lazy during middle portions. However, the surprise elements with unexpected twists by intermission and climax are appreciable. 

Technical Aspects:

There’s nothing much on excellence with songs, but BGM in some places are very well done by Govind  Vasantha. We are waiting to see him bounce back with a powerful album like ‘96’. The visual magician RD Rajashekar doesn’t disappoint you anywhere. He commutes you straight into the locales though his cinematography. 

As on whole, Thambi stands out to be a decent attempt by Jeethu Joseph. Nonetheless, with the title ‘Thambi’ signifying the emphasis of brother-sister bonding, we don’t in myriad sequences between Jyotika and Karthi. On the other hand, the thriller elements too look scarce in numbers, but then it’s a good flick to watch out for.