Jango Movie Review

Jango Movie Review

Jango Movie Review

Time Travel concepts were alien to Tamil cinema until CV Kumar made a breakthrough with his yesteryear production ‘Indru Netru Naalai’. While the concept of Time Loop is now finding a greater reception across various international industries, Silambarasan TR’s Maanaadu seems to be spearheading this concept. On the other hand, a week prior to the mega release here comes Jango from the production house of CV Kumar’s Thirukumaran Entertainment.

The story revolves around Gautham (Satheesh Kumar), a celebrated neurosurgeon, who is separated from his wife Nisha (Mrinalini Ravi). Well, the story isn’t just a Rom-Com but takes its time to delve into the actual plot. Yes, it’s not about winning her back, but Gautham finds himself locked in a particular day, which keeps repeating, where he has to save his wife from being killed by a mysterious man.

To be honest, the initial moments of this film tests our patience. Well, if this movie was made with an A-league star cast, then it is acceptable that the audience will enjoy those mediocre comedies and romance pieces of stuff, but with this bunch of actors, it’s not that easy to keep the audiences intact for next 40 minutes. Naturally, once the ‘Time Loop’ factor arrives, those previous flimsy moments get eclipsed. Director Mano Karthikeyan could have focused a bit on keeping the early moments engrossed. There are some surprise elements that include the characterization of Hareesh Peradi, but then we get perplexed with his role midway. So the writing and shaping of characterizations alongside the screenplay in a few places turn out to be a minus. However, there are a few factors that overshadow these aspects. Courtesy to the outstanding music of Ghibran, the awe-inspiring production design, and a decent performance by Karunakaran.

There would be two different receptions for this film as we have now evolved into a new era of Theaters Vs OTT platforms. Yes, the movie offers a good theatrical experience, but due to those little minuses, but with the OTT release, this will be declared a groovy piece of work.

Jango Movie Review
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Verdict: Despite lot of errors and flaws, the brilliant concept works out a decent result for Jango

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