Sabhaapathy Movie Review

Sabhaapathy Movie Review

Sabhaapathy Movie Review

Santhanam’s career graph as a lead actor has been a mixed bag of mediocre and decorous movies. With his recent league of movies including Dikkiloona garnering him favourable results for the choice of unique script and performances, the expectations for his today release ‘Sabhaapathy’ gradually hit good notes. Srinivasa Rao has directed this film, which features Preethi Verma in the female lead role.

The perfect ending in the climax with a good message about overcoming inferiority complex deserves special mention

What instantly steals your attention in this film is Santhanam’s bold decision to step out of his comfort zone and establish him as a performer. Whether he gets 5 star or just an average rating from the audiences doesn’t matter, but he deserves appreciations for taking a leap into difficult zone. He gains our sympathy through this role, which indeed is a success for him. Even when it comes to humorous spell, Santhanam attempts for a different stroke rather than repeating his regular ritual one-liners. With his character being a stammering nature, director Srinivasa Rao intellectually utilizes Santhanam with slapstick stuffs. MS Bhaskar on the other hand manages to tickle our funny bones. Of course, the ‘Santhanam’ team factor is very much present here. Say for instance, the introduction scene of MS Bhaskar at the retirement ceremony, where a peon asks for match stick and other colleagues are yawning and sleeping beside him is an ample exemplification to it. All throughout the film, director Srinivasa Rao maintains the same momentum with decent dialogues, and good characters. The second half does have some sluggish moments, but only to a little extent. The perfect ending in the climax with a good message about overcoming inferiority complex deserves special mention. Background score by Sam CS helps a lot in the visual enhancement.

On the whole, Sabhaapathy is a decent entertainer that one can enjoy watching with family and friends. The running length of 2 hours and pretty entertaining narration makes it worth watchable.

Sabhaapathy Movie Review
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Verdict: Very simple plot with decent performances and entertaining package makes Sabhaapathy a watchable flick.

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