Kaari Movie Review

Kaari Movie Review

Kaari Movie Review

Actor Sasikumar has proved his adeptness as a decorous performer in rural-based movies. He is back with yet another flick of the same domain. He plays the lead character in the film ‘Kaari’, directed by debutant Hemanth and produced by S Lakshman of Prince Pictures.

The story opens with the protagonist (Sasikumar), a horse jockey, and his father (Aadukalam Narain) working in the horse stable. A severe situation results in the demise of his father, which brings the son to his ancestral native village in Ramanathapuram. Over there, he comes across a Jallikattu Kaari bull that changes his course of life.

Director Hemanth has exerted more efforts into the research and detailing of rural native culture. So far, we have come across many movies based on Jallikattu, but this one stands out to be an exceptional one as lots of minute detailing elevates the depth of interest. However to see the same conflict of Jallikattu Vs Corporate tycoons starts sending out clichéd vibes.

Analyzing the film as the first and second half, the first hour is so engrossing as it emotionally commutes you into the premise. Be it a father-son relationship, or human-animal bonding, they are very well etched with good writing. However, the second hour turns out to be stereotypical and predictable.

Actor Sasikumar takes a cakewalk in the role, where he has already proved his success. His screen presence is charismatic and there’s no doubt about it. Be his polite romance or the ferocious action avatar, he does complete justice. Parvathi is a new talent in Kollywood. Offer her a meaty role, and she will nail it down impeccably. JD Chakravarthy is yet again wasted. Filmmakers must at least watch his magnum opus ‘Sathya’ before signing him up for mediocre characters. Aadukalam Narain is at his best. You’ll start wondering what Ammu Abhirami and Samyuktha are actually doing in this movie.

D Imman’s score of ‘Saanjikava’ is beautiful, and his background score is appreciable too. The cinematography by Ganesh Chandra deserves special mention. These days, many cinematographers are going with ‘Sepia’ as the default tone for village-based movies, but he has broken the pattern, delivering good work. The Jallikattu scenes have been extraordinarily shot.

If the commercial elements in the second half were avoided and the writing was made unique, KAARI would have been a really big show for this season.

Kaari Movie Review
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Verdict: With an amazing first half, the film could have worked wonders if the second hour was riveting.

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