Kaashmora Movie Review

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Kaashmora Movie Review

Direction & Writer : Gokul
Producer : S R Prakashbabu, S R Prabhu
Cast : Karthi, Nayantara, Sri Divya, Vivek
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography : Om Prakash
Editor : V J Sabu Joseph
Production company : Dream Warrior Pictures
Running Time : 164 mins

Film can be termed as a Ghost comedy, A guy and his family who claimed themselves as exorcists cheat people to make money, At one point they are pulled into a haunted mansion by some evil powers. In order to save themselves they need to kill the evils. How does they do it? who are those evils? why they brought this family, frames the plot.

Karthi has played two roles, one as phony exorcist Kashmora and another role as arrogant king Rajanayak. Kashmora role is moreover an upgraded version of ‘Rocket Raja’. Bald Headed Rajanayak character is new to Karthi. He has shown immense variation in two roles with different body language and dialogue delivery.

Nayantara looks gorgeous, her portion comes in second half for around 30 minutes. She carries the role with ease. Sridivya as an investigative journalist, who works on preparing a thesis about the exorcism and ghosts. Her role is not so challenging, but she did justice to her character.

Vivek is superb, as Karthi’s dad he steals the show. One liners are highly enjoyable. Good to see him in a full fledged role. Other cast includes the kid, Madhumita, Sharath Lohitashwa and Madhusudhan Rao. Everybody has done their job perfectly.

Music is composed by Santhosh Narayanan. Background music is different and nice, particularly in the historical portion. But songs are pretty average. Songs has the shades of his previous film tunes. Songs picturization is nice. Om’s camera work needs a special mention.

Technically the film is good in terms of editing and cinematography. But CGI work is not upto the mark. Flashback portion scenes CGI work feels little immature. Art work is too good, especially the entire second half portion which was shot inside the haunted house. Costumes are beautiful.

Directed by ‘Idharku Thaana Aasaipattai’ Gokul. He has attempted a different genre in his very second film, which should be appreciable. But the screenplay lacks pace. Story doesn’t give a fresh feel. Flashback portions are cliche. First half narration was not so convincing. But Few comedy portions are really good.

The main strength is the comedy quotient which has worked out big time, but in parts. Karthi – Vivek portions brings laugh for sure. Flashback portion Karthi – Nayan performance is notable. Slow paced screenplay and lack of interesting scenes makes this film an average flick.

Kaashmora Movie Review & Rating
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Kaashmora : Horror comedy which entertains only in parts

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