Kabzaa Movie Review

Kabzaa Movie Review

Kabzaa Movie Review

The movies getting dubbed in multiple regional languages have been now identified as ‘Pan-Indian movies’, but the main problem lying beneath this trend is the inadaptability of audiences to the native theme of respective regions. While Kannada movies like KGF and Kantara managed to win our attention, the other movies like Vikranth Rona and Vijayanand didn’t appeal to our interests. Kabzaa naturally falls into the latter category, where lots of references are made to the local dons of Karnataka, which has nothing to do with the Tamil audiences. Even the Map that we see in the movie in accordance to the narrator’s voice has nothing to do with our region. On the other hand, the artificial set up of the film is a big minus. We get to see the original locations of Mumbai, Karnataka and other places only in the stock shots. Of course, it’s difficult to recreate those mammoth set works, but then, the entire film shot against the backdrops of Green Mat, leaves us totally disappointed.

As with performances, Upendra’s screen presence is amazing. His physique and flexibility is perfect that works out best results in the action sequences. Kicha Sudeep appears in an extended cameo, but his presence during the initial moments of the film sparkles. Shriya Saran looks slightly aged, and the makers could have gone for some other options. Shivarajkumar’s appearance is more identical to Rolex Suriya in Vikram in the climax. The other actors have done what is required from their roles.

Technically, Ravi Basrur attempts to refrain from KGF traces, but unfortunately ends up with the same in many places. Cinematography has nothing special as the sepia and dark tones resemble the KGF style. Both the movies had the intention to hid up the set work and artificial backdrop, and hence chose this colour scheme. The editing of jarring Fade in and Fade Outs too looks as same as an action sequence in KGF Chapter 2.

The emotional connection we have with the protagonist during the initial minutes of the film gradually disappears into thin vapour after some time. Had the writers and director focused on this rather than the action and technical aspects, it would have easily connected well with audiences beyond the regional boundaries.

Overall, Kabzaa remains as a passable crime-noir that has few brilliant flashes like Upendra’s screen presence and Shivarajkumar’s appearance by climax

Kabzaa Movie Review
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Verdict: Upendra’s performance and screen presence might be a treat for his fans

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