Kannai Nambathey Movie Review

Kannai Nambathey Movie Review

Kannai Nambathey Movie Review

Director Mu Maran made his directorial debut with the film ‘Iravukku Aayiram Kangal’, a mystery-thriller featuring Arulnithi as the lead character. His second outing ‘Kannai Nambathe’ starring Udhayanidhi Stalin, Prasanna, and Bhumika in the lead roles is yet another film belonging to the same genre. The film has Srikanth, Aathmika, Gnana Sambandham, and a few more prominent actors as a part of the star cast.

When Arun (Udhayanidhi Stalin) is thrown out of the house by his girlfriend (Divya) father-house owner (Gnanasambandham) after getting know to about their relationship, he is in search of a new house. Finally, he lands up sharing a room with Somu (Prasanna). On the same night, things turn out to be bizarre for Arun, when he comes across Savitha (Bhumika), who struggles to drive her car consciously. The next morning, she is found dead, and there begins a mysterious ride of thrills and surprises.

Mu Maran has written a screenplay with a strong intention of keeping the audiences glued to the screens from the beginning till the end. The director commutes us into the premise by the first scene before the title credits and doesn’t waste the time with unwanted comedy tracks, songs, or romance. The second half gets more gripping than the first half as many characters get interwoven with the murder-mystery play. So what’s there on the flip side? After a certain extent, you’ll see that the scenes are getting repeated. Too many twists and turns and feeding audiences with lots of details and facts to remember, eventually gets them tired. It’s actually the director’s brilliance, but, the audience might get overfed. However, he can be appreciated for his smart play and for bringing a strong social issue into the backdrop.

When it comes to performances, it’s Prasanna, who actually gets more footage than lead actor Udhayanidhi Stalin. Both travel together throughout the film, but it’s Prasanna, who has more dialogue. The next one to steal the show is Bhumika. Aathmika has minimal prominence, and Srikanth does what is required for the role.

On the technical front, it’s cinematographer Jalandhar, who needs special mention for his earnest work. 90% of the film is set against the backdrops of night, and he has made the visuals look perfect without any compromises. The editor too needs appreciation for his smooth transitions, and BGM by Siddhu Kumar works out very well during the penultimate-to-last minute.

Overall, Kannai Nambathe comprises decent writing, good characterizations, and honest work by the technicians, which makes the film watchable.

Kannai Nambathey Movie Review
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Verdict: Kannai Nambathe owns a groovy writing, which will appeal to the interests of murder-mystery lovers.

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