Kalavaadiya Pozhuthugal Movie Review

Kalavaadiya Pozhuthugal Movie Review

Kalavaadiya Pozhuthugal Movie Review

Direction Thangar Bachan
Producer K. Karunamoorthy
C. Arunpandian
Cast Prabhu Deva
Bhumika Chawla
Prakash Raj
Ganja Karuppu
Music Bharathwaj
Cinematography Thangar Bachan
Editor B. Lenin
Production company Ayngaran International
Running Time 157min


The film Kalavadiya Pozhudhugal is directed by critically acclaimed Thangar Bachan starring Prabhu Deva, Prakash Raj and Bhumika was completed a long time ago and was facing problems in the release. At last, it has come to the screens now!

Prabhu Deva is a taxi driver. Inbanila is his wife and they have a child. One day, he saves the life of the industrial entrepreneur – Prakash Raj, caught in a car accident and struggling for life. Prabhu Deva comes to know that Bhumika, who he loved and was to marry, is Prakash Raj’s wife! When he recovers, Prakash Raj wants to meet the person who saved him and wants to do some immediate return favours. This paves the way for Bhumika, Prabhu Deva, and Prakash Raj to have frequent meetings.

The movie reminds of Thangar Bachan’s earlier films like Azhagi and Solla Marantha Kadhai. However, the director is successful in bringing out the emotional happenings when a rich father contrives to break the love affair of his own child. However, the narration of more than 157 minutes is rather long! Devoid of entertainment and comedy, the pace of the film is low.

However, the director is successful in depicting the life of a woman who loves on and marries another and the situations she encounters! As the director is the cinematographer as well, he is immensely successful in bringing his imaginations to the screen.

The music by Bharadwaj is ok – the frequently heard songs of Ilayaraja throughout the movie also captivate. But it should be rather a complete work by Bharadwaj rather than banking on Maestro’s fill-ins.

Editors B. Lenin and C. S. Prem could have attended the rather extra length of the film. The film keeps dragged up here and there, which should have been trimmed.

For Prabhu Deva, it is an unfamiliar role and he has done excellently well! Bhumika wins kudos for an excellent performance as an emotionally torn lover-wife. The versatile Prakash Raj excels in this film as well! The decision taken by Prakash Raj when he knows his wife loved Prabhu Deva earlier reflect the true ‘Kadhalukku Mariyadhai’ (respect for love).Sathyaraj performs a cameo that is something already known for his famous avatar as ‘Periyar’. Inbanila, as Prabhu Deva’s wife, has come up with quite a natural acting. The role of others – the child, Sathya, and Ganja Karuppu are also worth a mention.

Thangar Bachan has always been an expert in crafting tales that is based on separation of pure lovers as in Azhagi. But the intentions of Bhumika character don’t get a precise justification, which should have been corrected. Or else, the movie would have been a real poignant tale.