Kanchana 3 Movie Review

Kanchana 3 Movie Review

Kanchana 3 Movie Review

DirectionRaghava Lawrence
WriterRaghava Lawrence
ProducerKalanidhi Maran
Raghava Lawrence
Cast Raghava Lawrence
Nikki Tamboli
Kovai Sarala
Anupama Kumar
( Raj & Kapil, Jessie, Bharath Madhusudanan,
Sai Bharath, Saravedi Saran )
S. Thaman
Sushil Choudhary
Production companySun Pictures
Raghavendra Productions
Running Time174 mins
Release Date19th April 2019

OMG! Doctor Strange(s) arrive by the climax as in name of ‘Ghost hunters’ and there’s bunch of Aghoris too. Doesn’t this look as a next-level horror game? Maybe, this sounds like a spoiler, but this is the thinnest line of difference of how well a regular multiplex audience and the buffs of this franchise would perceive it. It could be applauded and seen with excitements by the latter group whereas; a sort of resentment and boredom might get kindled with the miniscule groups.

Getting straight into the story premise of Kanchana 3, what we see here is the same old pattern of what we had in previous installments. A revengeful ghost(s) with a heart-wrenching buried past and an innocent man haunted by them to settle the scores…

By the end credits, Raghava Lawrence strongly registers that there’s going to be Kanchana 3 –Muni 5, but it raises a huge doubt how long the audiences will be treated with the time-worn drama. The problem is that the same events from the previous parts are repeated here. Maybe, the slapstick comedy by the entire star-cast, especially the showstoppers – Kovai Sarala, Sriman and Devadarshini might be the laughter-riot, but after a certain point of time, we tend to get bored. There are few witty lines that leaves us bark into laughter. It’s the scene, where the first paranormal activity begins and Sriram in deep sleep says, “Aarambichutaangala” and the pre-interval scene (looks like an exact copycat of Kanchana, where we have Sriman as an addition to mother-wife funny screeches and acts), the dialogues work out well. But again, the animals reacting to the supernatural enigma and the devil showing up by the interval all reminds us off Kanchana. While Raghava Lawrence had at least tried bringing up a fresh concept of having four ghosts in Kanchana 2, this one too follows the same shade, where the excitements are lost.

The technical department doesn’t have much to be appreciated and yes, proper justice has been done to what the script demands and who the target audiences are. The second half seems to have too many songs that are placed in short intervals. While the previous parts had songs are super attractions, it goes missing here.

With performance, Raghava Lawrence does complete justice to his role. Oviya, Nikki and Vedhika have been used for glamorous appeal. Although, Rai Laxmi and Taapsee had minimal roles in the erstwhile installments, they managed to impress us, but these three ladies run short off it.

Overall, when it comes to marking the verdict, Kanchana 3 will have its franchise lovers undoubtedly opting this show, but as on analysis, it’s nowhere closer to ‘Kanchana and Kanchana 2’.